The pioneering Composite Restoration System

We have never been so close to nature

- Free from TEGDMA and HEMA 

- Long-term shade stability/radiopaque

- Easily polished to an excellent high lustre

- Vita colours, ideal for aesthetic dentistry (Based on VITA shades)

- Low Shrinkage stress and minimum risk of micro cracks

- Easily sculpted and positionally stable even at 50 

- Minimum water absorption and water solubility

- Resistance to the operating light for up to 7 min at 11000 lux

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Toxicology and Allergology of Dental Plastic Materials

Dental materials should not only look good and last a long time, they should also be well tolerated. Questions about their toxicology / biocompatibility have raised a growing interest. Monomer and comonomer compounds are used in dental medicine, e.g. in composites and dentine adhesives. It is possible for such compounds to be released from these materials and end up in the human body through resorption. 


Extra low Shrinkage and Contraction Stress

Light-curing micro hybrid composite free from TEGDMA and HEMA and with very low shrinkage stress. For all Class 1 to V restorations in the anterior and posterior Regions.



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