Saremco print (3D)

The saremco print product range represents an innovative and first-class selection of 3D-printing materials, which cover a wide spectrum of dental applications.

Saremco print | CROWNTEC

The CROWNTEC product innovation is a light-curing, flowable synthetic material based on methacryl acid esters to produce 3D-printed artificial teeth with the help of the “ASIGA MAX UV” 3D printer and subsequent incorporation in a prosthesis base.

  • One-phase material with perfectly matched opacity

  • extraordinarily high-quality physical values

  • evidence to prove it’s free of BisGMA, TEGDMA and HEMA, therefore particularly well-tolerated

  • ready to use quickly without requiring a lot of shaking

  • available in 9 lively, natural colours

  • Flexural strength > 120 MPa

  • Refining possible with Saremco els paintart

Order unit: Bottle
Content: 500 g


VITA colours: 

  • REF 8063 A1

  • REF 8042 A2

  • REF 8038 A3

  • REF 8045 A3.5

  • REF 8047 A4

  • REF 8046 B2

  • REF 8043 B3

  • REF 8048 C3

  • REF 8049 C4

  • REF 8044 D3

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