Dr. Karim Azmi - Founder Ozone Dentistry

User Saremco composite system

Few years ago, I was shadowing a Biological Dentist in one of Europe's top dental clinics in Switzerland. I noticed that he uses Saremco composite systems in his restorative procedures. He was praising this Swiss company for developing top quality Biocompatible products. 

On return back to Australia I was keen to try these myself, but after some searching I found out these materials were not available in Australia. So I started working with the materials which were available and which would fulfil the same criteria (high quality with the best Biocompitability). Often I was disappointed with the outcomes. 

You can imagine my excitement when Bioholistic became the Saremco distributor in Australia. I tried all the available products, and would be very happy to say that I am totally satisfied with the handling and physical characteristics of all their products, especially the els Unibond, els flowable composite, bulk fill flowable, and els Cem.

My search is now over. 

It is great to find dental restorative materials developed with biocompatibility in mind, without compromise on quality and workability.


Dr. Arjan Starrenburg - Key Opinion Leader Saremco

User Saremco composite system

As a general practitioner for over 30 years, I have tried many composites and the standout product for me is Saremco “els”.  This abreviation stands for “Extra Low Shrinkage”. Because of this low shrinkage and in particular the very low shrinkage stress, the patients have no pain complaints at all with a new filling.

 An important fact also that appeals to both myself and my patients is the high biocompatibility of the Saremco products.

All products from the “green line” range are free of HEMA and TEGDMA. Both monomers are known for high allergic potential.

This fact leads to a better and safer result for me, and most importantly, the patient.