AON Zipro

ZIPRO-D Dental, bio-ceramic 3D Printer

ZIPRO-D Dental, bio-ceramic 3D Printer has been invented by AON Co.,Ltd with Korean technology and aimed to provide the quality of dental restoration to dental labs all over the world

Quickly and precisely 3D-printing the complicated, sophisticated curved surfaces and grooves. 

Precisely 3D-printing the quality of prostheics having complicated curved surfaces, sophisticated groove,Crowns may have 280 to 350 layers depending on the size, 3D-printing of crowns takes around 1 hour per each 100 layers

 Product ZIPRO-D
Size 510mm x 540mm x 650mm
Weight 53kg
Box Size/Weight 560mm x 640mm x 860mm / 73kg
Ambient Temperature 15~35℃ / 59~95℉
AC Adaptor AC  100-240V, 50/60hZ, 96~136VA
Printing Technology Printing Technology
Build Size 76.8mm x 43.2mm x 65mm
Pixel Resolution 40㎛
Pixel Size 1920 x 1080
Layer Thickness 50 micron meter
Source of Light  405㎚


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