A novel procedure for simple diagnosis and effective therapy of the TMJ/TMD

Temporomandibular joint screening prior to occlusal rehabilitation is indispensable for preventive, therapeutic, and forensic reasons. The AquaSplint concept is developed on the base of the manual therapy to improve and simplify the diagnostic and treatment of TMD. Craniomandibular disorders (TMD) result from an interplay of multiple factors:

  • Malocclusion,

  • Hyperactivity of masticatory muscles (bruxism/pressing)

  • Psychosomatic disorders, stress syndrome

  • Joint hyper-mobility

  • Trauma

  • Neck disorders / cervical spine syndrome

  • Internal diseases


AquaSplint “Thermo”: 




An innovative Splint for simple diagnosis and effective therapy of the TMJ/TMD


  • Rapid pain relief, Muscle relaxation*
  • Self-adjusting, no grinding or frequent recall appointments required, thanks to the hydrostatic balance between the two water pads
  • Universal Size, moderate wearing time (10/24 for 4 weeks)
  • Customizable and usable in just a few minutes without impressions or laboratory work

(economical) Thanks to individualizable underlined Saddle (practical thermo “Boil and bite” material)

  • Does not require Silicon relining >> easier, long lasting, re-adjustable.
  • Does not require bonding (hazardous material)
  • Applicable even during orthodontic treatment " aligners or Brackets”


How to use?


  • Dip AquaSplint thermo with tweezers in hot water for 2–3 minutes at 80 °C until the plastic becomes transparent.
  • Let cool for 10 seconds in cold water.
  • Insert AquaSplint thermo in the lower jaw and let cool down for about 5 minutes
  • Rinse with cold water to accelerate cooling. Remove after solidification.
  • Remove any excess that may disturb the occlusion.
  • If the result is undesirable, the whole process can be repeated.


AquaSplint “Mini”: 

AquaSplint “Mini” is a simplified version of the AquaSplint “Thermo” with low height as the saddle and relining material are not needed, there for it’s particularly indicated for TMD Patients with open bite.

A malocclusion-related TMD will usually respond due to AquaSplint therapy within four weeks. Pain relief of at least 50 per cent is a favourable precondition and indicator of promising orthodontic / prosthetic rehabilitation.


How to use?


AquaSplint consists two water-pillows through a tube which contains an integrated

archwire that helps the splint to take the arch form. The water-pillows allows the jaw to balance

itself and reposition itself to its natural position.

AquaSplint  can be applied to both the lower and upper jaws. You are recommended to

try it on both jaws to assess which is more comfortable to have the splint on.

You should wear the AquaSplint 10 hours daily (8 hours through the night and 2 hours

through the day) in order to achieve successful results. We recommend you to start wearing

AquaSplint for 30-120 minutes at the beginning, and gradually increase it to the recommended

10 hours. When worn for 10 hours, the AquaSplint mini has a lifespan of 4 weeks


In case of sharp teeth edges, heavy grinding, sharp edges of prosthesis teeth, or teeth

crowns the lifespan can be affected. If the water-pillows were damaged inside of your

mouth, there is no need to panic as it is !lled with Glycerin which is not harmful.

AquaSplint mini should be cleaned before and after wearing. We recommend using a soft

toothbrush with little toothpaste with minimal pressure.

AquaSplint  provides immediate and efective help. It is the !rst step towards the diagnostics

and therapy of TMJ disorders. It does not replace professional medical care.


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