OnX Tough 2
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OnX Tough 2

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Introducing SprintRay OnX Tough 2, a groundbreaking dental 3D printing resin that has received TGA clearance for use in creating fixed hybrid dentures. This resin leverages the cutting-edge NanoFusion™ technology, which set a new industry standard by offering exceptional durability and visual quality. The result is a remarkably lifelike appearance that closely resembles natural enamel.

OnX Tough 2 empowers dental professionals to fabricate fixed hybrids chairside while rivaling milled PMMA material qualities - all without extra mixing or rolling. OnX Tough 2 ensures unmatched strength and lab-quality aesthetics, streamlining the process for increased efficiency and fewer appointments.

  • Enables delivery of lower-cost, same-day fixed hybrid dentures
  • Formulated for optical performance and shade stability for natural aesthetics
  • Easy post processing and characterization

Comes in a 500gr Bottle