Aquasplint Thermo
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Aquasplint Thermo

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The AquaSplint-Thermo

An innovative Splint for simple diagnosis and effective therapy of the TMJ/TMD


  • Rapid pain relief, Muscle relaxation*
  • Self-adjusting, no grinding or frequent recall appointments required, thanks to the hydrostatic balance between the two water pads
  • Universal Size, moderate wearing time (10/24 for 4 weeks)
  • Customizable and usable in just a few minutes without impressions or laboratory work

(economical) Thanks to individualizable underlined Saddle (practical thermo “Boil and bite” material)

  • Does not require Silicon relining >> easier, long lasting, re-adjustable.
  • Does not require bonding (hazardous material)
  • Applicable even during orthodontic treatment " aligners or Brackets”